DYNAMIC is a Sports Outreach and Leadership Organization (Non-profit 501c3). 

DYNAMIC’s Vision is to build teams of leaders who reach, coach, resource, and equip athletes through sports outreach and leadership development.

DYNAMIC’s vision has 4 pillars:

1) Reach athletes for God’s glory.

2) Develop life-changing leaders who lead teams of impact.

3) Award Leadership College Scholarships and Outreach Scholarships to deserving families – (Class of 2025 student-athletes apply in Nov. 2024).

4) Equip pro and former pro athletes to reach their God-given potential as leaders who impact  communities and cities.

DYNAMIC has served in the Carolinas since 2003, and expanded into Texas in 2023.

You can support the DYNAMIC Scholarship Fund (501c3) with tax-deductible investments and/or marketing partnerships to resource the life-changing work DYNAMIC is doing on the front lines.

Contact us: 704-737-7631 or [email protected]