You can join the DYNAMIC TEAM on the front lines as a Partner with us. Do you want to coach/mentor? Do you love to serve in outreach events/trips? Can you invest resources in the outreach to reach and equip at-risk student-athletes in our city? We can help you find the best place to plug-in today.

Contact us to:

^ Donate toward a Leadership College Scholarship through DYNAMIC (tax-deductible) and you can have the scholarship named in honor of your family or company (or remain anonymous).

^ Invest in outreach on the front lines through a donation or stock transfer to DYNAMIC (tax-deductible and you avoid paying capital gains taxes) to impact at-risk families all year long in our city.

^ Host an event that can reach at-risk student-athletes / families or help us raise resources to reach families.

^ Provide resources from your business that will help us reach students/families (If your business has access to anything that can help in the mission then let’s partner to get those resources on to the front lines.

[email protected] or 704-737-7631 to contact Mike Stricker, President – DYNAMIC