DYNAMIC Scholarship Fund Outreach Seed $ Scholarship

“Let us know what God is doing in your outreach story”

DYNAMIC is a life-changing sports outreach and leadership community. 

DYNAMIC develops life-changing leaders for Christ through our 5 DYNAMIC Outreach areas: DYNAMIC Scholarship Fund, DYNAMIC Performance Sports, DYNAMIC Leadership University, DYNAMIC Consulting, and DYNAMIC LIFE for Pro Athletes (and former pro athletes).

DYNAMIC is a non-profit (501c3) organization funded by faithful families, partner churches, sports outreach program initiatives and sponsorships to invest in life-changing sports outreach & leadership development on the front lines.

DYNAMIC Outreach Seed Scholarships – Seed Scholarships are given by DYNAMIC to student-leaders who have a creative passion to reach a specific group of people during their college experience. 

1) The 1st Seed Scholarship (typically $77 – $250) is given toward a vision for their outreach. 

2) Students receiving Seed Scholarship are asked to give a report on progress toward their vision/goals and how they specifically used the seed scholarship for outreach. (Use the form below)

3) After giving a report, recipients are eligible to receive a 2nd Seed Scholarship. 

4) Scholarship recipients are also eligible to receive a 3rd Seed Scholarship in a school year.  DYNAMIC’s Staff will do an interview with recipients before a 3rd Seed Scholarship is awarded.

*Text Mike Stricker for more details: 704-737-7631

To Apply this semester: Email answers to: [email protected]

Submit your resume (with 2 references) and your short essay answers to these 3 questions below through email or a short video.

1) What has been a highlight of your life-changing leadership / service over the past 2 years? (Be sure to talk about who have you impacted and how)

2) Which leader in your life personally inspired you during your journey to become the leader you are today? (Give specific examples or stories of how they inspired you and examples of what you’ve done because of their inspiration!)

3) What is your vision and plan as a life-changing leader in college and how would winning a DYNAMIC Scholarship help you accomplish your plan?

To Report on the Seed $ Scholarship you already received: Email answers to: [email protected]

Name: ____________________________________  College: _______________________

Date of Report: _______    1st Seed Scholarship $ Amount: _______

What is your outreach vision (include the “Why” of your vision)?

Who are the primary people you are reaching (give names if possible)?

What are the primary costs/expenses to accomplish your vision?

How have you seen God move/work in your outreach this semester?

How did you specifically use the Outreach Seed Scholarship from DYNAMIC?  How would you use a 2nd Outreach Seed Scholarship to further your outreach vision/goals?

DYNAMIC   –   490 Copperstone Trail Coppell, TX 75019   –   704-737-7631